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Our discipleship classes provide an opportunity for you to learn about a specific book or topic of the Bible in a small group setting. Read below so you can see a list of classes currently offered and sign up for one that interests you. Classes meet at 6:45 PM on Wednesdays unless otherwise noted. 2018 fall discipleship begins on August 8.


Teacher: Vic Carini
Location: TBD
Description:It doesn’t just happen overnight. Drifting into hypocrisy is a long, drawn-out journey away from God’s will for your life and toward a two-faced existence. How do you know when your inner self has deteriorated, when you’ve become an expert at presenting a faithful-looking facade? Learn how to practice the disciplines of a sincere faith.

The Life of Sampson

Teachers: Edlee Mixon
Location: TBD
Description:Whether you’re just beginning life as an adult, jaded by failed relationships, struggling from poor decisions, or simply seeking to better understand God’s plan for you, this study reveals how you can avoid major pitfalls and embrace that for which God created you.

Raising Girls in a Crazy World

Teacher: Kim Huffman
Location: TBD
Description: Raising children in today’s over sensualized world is difficult at best.  This class will help ladies address raising girls in todays’ culture from a very practical and biblical point of view.

Understanding Difficult Bible Passages

Teacher: Troy Mann
Location: TBD
Description: If you read the Bible for very long at all, you’ll run across some tough passages. After all, we’re separated from the original readers by a span of 2000 years or more. Not to mention the fact that we speak different languages from the writers of Scripture. This class will help us to understand those hard to understand passages