Actions That Build Better Relationships

What one word describes the actions that build better relationships? KINDNESS
The essential foundation is agape love. In the above verses Paul explains how worthless all of our actions are without it. Then later in the chapter he gives traits or characteristics of love that are essential for better relationships.
Kindness is basically love in action. The Greek verb translated kind in I Cor. 13:4 means to do something helpful, thoughtful, gracious, or sympathetic.
Kindness helps or serves others joyfully, even those whom may hurt us. If we are kind, at least four things will be true in our lives:

  1. We will be encouragers. We will be looking for people we can help by encouraging them. How does God encourage people? Look at Psalm 10:17. Take time to listen to hurting or discouraged people. LISTEN..Give words of encouragement. WORDS..Why not write a note or letter to someone this week…NOTES..
  1. We will show compassion. Remember the good (kind) Samaritan in Luke 10? Do you have compassion for others?
  1. We will be forgiving. Kindness is very similar to patience in that it will overlook a lot. Ephesians 4:32. Kindness is always willing to forgive. Romans 2:4.
  1. We will seek to ease the burdens of others. See Matthew 11:30. Think about a yoke and what it does. Kindness seeks to ease the burdens of others. Yes, we all have burdens, but remember to focus on our Lord and His presence & power.

When we are kind, we benefit ourselves (Galatians 6:7). When we are kind, we reap kindness from other people. When we are kind, we are happy and fulfilled. Unkind people are miserable, usually depressed and lonely.

One of the kindest actions you can do for a lost person is to invite them to church.

Let’s make it a “daily practice to surprise someone with kindness…..