Celebrate the Resurrection!

In just a few short days we, along with Christians from around the world, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ! 

All the blessings that come our way through the cross are confirmed by the resurrection. It proved that the Father was satisfied with the Son’s payment for our sins. Now we can know that our transgressions are forgiven, and we are eternally secure.  It is truly worthy of celebration!

As we think about what the resurrection means to us, think about the range of emotions His disciples must have felt.  In a short span of just three days, Jesus’s followers went from being heartbroken to triumphant jubilation. The cross had made them feel hopeless and helpless. But the resurrection brought confidence and courage. The doubt and despair melted away and was replaced with unshakeable faith; they had not believed a lie. His victory over death forever sealed their sure conviction that He was the Messiah. As I think about that, I am reminded of the old message by S.M. Lockridge, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!”
Jesus promises that we, too, will be resurrected and given new bodies. Physical death could not hold Him, nor will it overpower us. Because He overcame the grave, His followers have the same kind of life He has—eternal and indestructible.

As Christians, we celebrate Easter with great rejoicing. Because of this event, our lives have been forever changed. We have been transformed and given new life. With unwavering faith, we trust God’s Word, because Christ’s power over the grave proves He can and will fulfill every word.