Choosing Your Most Important Task

Choosing Your Most Important Task

Imagine the impact one could make for Jesus by prayerfully planning our day! Books and blogs give us access to excellent time management tips, but without the leading of the Holy Spirit, we will prioritize what is good at the risk of missing what is best. Join me in polishing one gold nugget from a familiar Bible study found in Luke 10:38-42.

Two sisters. Two priorities. One commendation.

Martha and Mary appear to be accustomed to entertaining guests in their home located in Bethany. It seems that they found great joy in using the gift of hospitality to encourage travelers! Our study unveils two gifted sisters who shared two different priorities on this particular day. Martha had selected a menu, scheduled her preparation time, and was likely working loudly in hopes that Mary would hear her efforts and return to the kitchen. But, Mary had “stepped out and stooped down.” Focused on listening to their honored guest, Mary sat at the feet of Jesus while Martha stewed in the kitchen.

Was it the heat in the kitchen or the heat in her heart that finally brought Martha to a boiling point? In either case, what she was thinking in her heart eventually was expressed from her lips. Scripture doesn’t elaborate on Martha’s expression, but one can imagine that exchange from one sister to another! Is it possible that the one-way conversation between the sisters sounded like the questions below?

  • Mary, are you going to sit or serve?
  • Mary, can you stand up, step up, and finally show up in the kitchen?
  • Mary, do you expect the food to appear out of thin air?

Jesus listened (Martha was upset!). Jesus loved (Martha, Martha, thou are careful and troubled about many things: but one thing is needful, and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her).

Gold nugget: When we let the Holy Spirit guide our planning, we will choose what is the most important for that day, and that is spending time with Jesus.