Completely, Entirely Dependent Upon God

Completely, Entirely Dependent Upon God

Text: John 15:5

In an age of self-sufficiency, it’s easy to feel like we have it all together. Even as faithful followers of Jesus, we can fall into the deception that we’re “okay,” and that we don’t “need” a Savior. Rather, the truth is we not only need a Savior of our souls, but we need God for everything else in our lives too.

In Jesus’ discussion about the vine, he makes a statement that is truly amazing. Because Jesus is relational, he admonishes his hearers to abide with him. Jesus desires a close relationship with his followers. The way to achieve that close relationship is to abide with him. But that’s not all. The reality is, if we don’t abide with him, we will not bear fruit. As believers, we will not be fruitful in our life if our life is not marked by an abiding presence with our Savior. Without Jesus, we can’t do anything (John 15:5).

Now that’s an amazing statement. Jesus didn’t have to say it for it to be true. It could have been one of those mysteries of God hidden from mankind (Deuteronomy 29:29). But Jesus — our creator — wanted to say these words. He wanted us to know that we literally cannot do anything without him. We owe everything to him, and couldn’t accomplish anything if it weren’t for God. We are truly, completely and entirely, dependent upon God.

When we understand this truth, it is empowering and freeing. We can trust him, because he will always do what is right. We will not be as worthless branches cast aside, but rather we will be taken care of in every way (John 15:6-7).

A Christian who is dependent on God is not a weak person. Rather, he is strong in his faith. God help us to grow in our faith!