Everybody needs reminders!

Everybody needs reminders!

Everybody needs reminders! Some admit it more than others, but everyone uses some plan or tactic to jog their memory. Whether it’s a string, a 3×5 card, a date book, a memo app, a secretary or a wife, reminders are helpful and necessary.

The inspired writers of Scripture logged for us historical accounts and unfolded new revelation as the Holy Spirit moved upon them (2 Peter 1:21). However, on many occasions, the men who penned their personal letters to individuals or groups of people were simply giving reminders of things already taught and learned.  Such was the case with Peter’s second letter sent to the believers scattered across Asia Minor. 

Four times in his follow-up letter to his friends Peter states that he was “putting them in remembrance” of some previously known truth (2 Peter 1:12,13,15; 3:1). Obviously, these Christians needed reminders – not because they were indifferent or rebellious, but because they were normal with need to have their memory “stirred up.”

Without indulging in a full exposition of 2 Peter, it must be noted that these Christians were reminded about the need to give diligence to spiritual growth (1:3-11) through the sure Word of God (1:15-21). They were challenged to avoid the pollutions of the world brought by false teachers and fleshly tendencies (ch 2). Finally, they were reminded that the Lord is coming back. Stay faithful (ch 3).

None of us should feel belittled or threatened when given reminders.  We all need them. Every time we listen to God’s Word or read it for ourselves, we accept reminders. Allow your mind and heart to be stirred to remembrance today and every day.