The dying words of famous people, criminals, and others have intrigued mankind for centuries. Some of those last words were rehearsed, while others were completely spontaneous. Many of those words are inspiring, some are comical, and some are downright bizarre. Here are a few of the more interesting ones: George Appel (1928), before being executed in the electric chair as the result of murdering a New York City police officer: “Well, gentlemen, you are about to see a baked Appel.”

Terry Kath (1978), founding member of the rock group Chicago, pointing a .38 caliber revolver to his head. “Don’t worry..it’s not loaded.” General John Sedgwick (1864), just moments before being shot and killed by a Confederate sharpshooter. “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.” Henry Moorhouse (1880), the English Evangelist said: “If it were God’s will to raise me up from this sickbed, I should like to preach from the text, John 3:16. Praise be to the Lord.” D. L. Moody (1899): “”I see earth receding; heaven is opening. God is calling me.”” The Apostle Paul (2 Timothy 4:7-8), “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.”

Jesus Christ spoke several words while dying on the cross. None are more treasured to Christians as when He said “It is Finished.” Those words signified the work of salvation was complete. He paid the penalty for our sins and as a result we will spend eternity in Heaven with Him! What will your last words be? How you live now goes a long way in determining what you might say.

Think it about it, but remember this:


Perhaps your last words could be, “On Faith Alone I Stand,“ taken from verse three of one of my favorite songs with that same title.

“On faith alone I stand
There is no higher ground
I give all I am
For my soul will never doubt
Though the storms they may be raging
You have always held my hand
To thy cross my heart will always cling
On faith alone I stand
On faith alone I live
Not in what I say or do
But the blood you freely give
Covers me and makes me new
For your love is ever with me
Lord Jehovah Great I AM
oh my trust grows stronger
On my knees
On faith alone I stand
Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah, on faith alone
I stand
When I reach my final breath
And I fall into Your arms
I’ll proclaim with no regrets
On faith alone I stand
Sola Fide, Sola fide
Sola fide, on faith alone
Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah, on faith alone
I stand” – Robert Pierre