God’s Letter to the Church

Text: I Corinthians 1

Why did Paul write to the church at Corinth?  Was there really some problem?  Was it just a friendly “how are things going” letter or did he have an agenda?
God never wrote a book of the bible without a reason…He didn’t just randomly say words…God Himself had a purpose for Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth.
The main agenda for Paul’s letter was to answer the Corinthians’ questions and to restore their areas of spiritual weaknesses.  In other words…they were bankrupt in several areas of their spiritual walk.
Paul dealt with several problems in this letter…Many of these church members struggled with trying to live for God in the middle of a society that was pagan…they didn’t care about God…Christians were the misfits…the outcasts, the weirdos!  You were strange if you didn’t party…you were crazy if you didn’t commit adultery…it was the thing to do. Some of these Christians had been saved out of gross lifestyles…the temptation was to go back to that when the going got tough.  
The same society problems that we have…the church at Corinth had…unbelievable pressure to do wrong…sin was creeping in and destroying good family’s lives and their homes.  
Paul’s agenda was to deal with such problems as factions in the church…people were talking and gossiping…He was going to deal with unethical conduct as well as marriage and celibacy.  He would speak to them about idols and the role of women in the church…he would address the importance of the Lord’s supper and spiritual gifts and then would close out with unbelief and the resurrection.
His agenda was God-given and God driven.  He would be blunt yet loving…he would blister and then bless.  He was not out to hurt the church at Corinth…he simply wanted to keep the church from hurting themselves!
As the church, we must be careful that we don’t let the world creep in.  The devil will try to get a foot-hold any way he can.  God wrote a letter to Corinth to correct them…it would be wise if we would read and heed the same letter.

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