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One of God’s most valuable establishments, the family, is under attack. Pornography is ruining lives and marriages. Social media is destroying communication and families. Hollywood is polluting minds and behavior. Interest in spiritual truth is plummeting, while knowledge of sin is skyrocketing. Homosexuality, immorality, equality, rebellion, and tolerance pervade the mindset of our country. Everywhere we look, we are under attack. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, outmanned, and underequipped – but there is hope! The truths of God’s Word shine brightest when the world seems the darkest. Through the Holy Spirit’s power, we can resist the attacks of the enemy and have a spiritual family that loves God’s Word and lives God’s way.

On March 15 and 16, entertaining, experienced speakers from around the country and from within Mikado’s staff will be holding a conference to encourage, equip, and energize family members of all ages. Each attendee will hear numerous Biblical sessions on relevant topics, receive helpful material to use after the conference, and enjoy skits and meals with their family and friends. Scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to be part of this exciting conference.


We have invited the following speakers to come and minister to us at the Hope Conference. Rand Hummel and Scott Ashmore will be speaking to teenagers and adults, while Bob Roberts will be entertaining and preaching to the kids and adults. In addition to these three men, there will be break out sessions featuring Mikado’s pastoral staff.


Friday, March 15 – 6-9 PM
6:00-6:45 – Family Meal
7:00-8:15 – General Session
8:25-9:00 – Breakout Session


Saturday, March 16 – 8:15 AM-1:00 PM
8:15-9:00 – Continental Breakfast
9:10-10:00 – General Session
10:10-10:40 – Breakout Session
10:45-11:15 – Breakout Session
11:20-11:50 – Family Lunch
12:00-12:25 – Q&A Panel
12:30-1:00 – Closing Session


Respecting Authority (Bob Roberts)
Choosing Good Entertainment (Bob Roberts)
Reading the Bible for Yourself (Bob Roberts)

Fighting the Culture War (Scott Ashmore)
Finding and Living your Biblical Identity (Scott Ashmore)
Crisis Counseling – Dealing with Stuff Nobody Talks About (Rand Hummel)

The Value of One – Thermostats and Thermometers (Pastor Smith)
Mission Minded – Charting a Course instead of Drifting Along (Joey Bartow)
Finding God’s perfect Will in Life’s Big Decisions (Pastor Mark Shideler)
Discovering Pleasure and Purpose in God’s Plan (Pastor Chris Niarchos)

Marriage Building Resources (Rand Hummel)
Gospel Unity in Marital Differences (Rand Hummel)

Leading Teens through Rebellious Phases (Scott Ashmore)
Parenting Feisty Children (Bob Roberts)
Single Parent Survival (Joey Ford)
Protecting your Home in a Digital Age (Pastor Mark Shideler)

Grandparenting – A Legacy of Love and Godliness (Pastor Ed Chambless)
A Grandfamily Guide (Darwin Saunders)

Leading without Frustrating your Family (Edlee Mixon)
Purity – Finding Success in our Greatest Struggle (Pastor Smith)

Discovering Joy in an Empty Nest (Lisa Smith)
Clean Home, Happy Husband, Godly Kids – Is it Possible? (Debbie Bartow)
Reigning in Raging Emotions (Rebekah Shideler)

Spicing Up Stale Devotions (Alan Tanner)
Having a Walk with God that Shows (Pastor Smith)


The price for our Hope Conference is $15.00 per adult and teen (7th-12th grade), $10 per child (K4-6th grade), and $5 per nursery child (0-3 years old). There is a $50 family max to accommodate those with larger families. We have made an effort to keep this cost as low as possible so that everyone can participate in this life changing weekend. This flat rate covers the cost of three meals, provides a full notebook of session notes and helpful resources, and offers family photobooth opportunities.