Preschoolers like to play! We make sure they can. We want them to learn about God, and we want them to enjoy the process. We strategically balance play time and learning time so that our preschoolers are learning and having fun doing it. We are on your team, and want to help your family succeed.

The focus of our preschooler program is to teach them the “big” picture of God, and the importance of obeying mom and dad.


Statistics show us that children between the ages of six to eight are developing the foundation for their belief systems and ethics more intentionally than any other time in their life. In a world that is trying to steal the innocence of our young ones, we are trying to turn their focus on things that will create a pattern for a godly life. We boast a very talented group of Sunday school teachers and helpers that will teach kids the principles that matter in life.

The focus with our primaries is ethics and morals (teaching them about telling the truth, being fair, obeying mom and dad, respecting authority, etc.).


Questions, challenges, logical thinking, and comprehension are what Juniors are all about. They have a lot of questions about home, life, friends, and God. Our job as a church is to help you answer those questions. Juniors today are dealing with pressures, concerns, and temptations that many moms and dads never had to. We want to help you protect them. Juniors are beginning to understand the importance of making right choices and the ramifications of making wrong ones.

Our focus in this age group is to teach them the importance of having personal time with God, intentionally growing in their faith, standing for right, and daring to dream.