Lessons Learned From Storms

Just this week there was a terrible ice storm that swept through the Southwest bringing widespread power outages and even loss of life. Various storms riddle the United States regularly during almost any of the four seasons. There are snow storms, rain storms, hail storms, wind storms, lighting storms and even sand storms. They are characterized and called a multitude of names – blizzard, hurricane, tornado, typhoon, tropical. Meteorologists even give these storms human names!

Long before storms were studied and named, the Bible recorded some weather disturbances (storms) that brought havoc and scared those enduring them. But there are storms that are not brought on by weather patterns or atmospheric disturbances. They are the storms of life!  They come in many forms and are given different names bringing havoc and fear to a lot of people. They are death, grief, divorce, family difficulty, emotional breakdown, depression, a rebellious child and the list goes on and on. 

Let us make some analogies between weather storms and life storms gathering some Biblical principles from the storms found in the Bible.
#1 Storms happen – every person who lives long enough will encounter a storm. The rain and the sun fall on the Godly and the ungodly. 
#2 Storms have varying durations but they do end.  Stay steady; hold fast….this too shall pass!
#3 Storms are rough and scary but through them we learn to be better prepared for the next storm.

What life storm are you facing today? Or what life storm are you in at this moment? Remember, somebody is in it with you. It is “common to man.” Find a Godly friend or counselor to walk with you and talk to you through the storm.  It may not get better when you want it to, but you will learn to face it with less fear. Finally, your storm has an end. God knows, He controls it and He promises His presence!