Our Life Group classes are designed to help members and guests connect with other people in our church who share a similar life stage. These small groups are organized by age and meet each Sunday at 9:30 AM to fellowship and study God’s Word. Each small group also organizes frequent activities to enjoy together as a class. Look at the list below to find a group that fits your life stage so you can get plugged in.


The college and career classes of Mikado are active groups of young adults who enjoy life! College life can be lonely at ties, and Mikado offers a safe place for like-minded believers to fellowship and study God’s Word together. This group of singles also enjoys regular activities as well as short-term mission trips.

College Ministry
Leaders: Joey & Debbie Bartow
Location: FLC 5

Career Ministry
Leaders: Doug & Rachel Richardson
Location: FLC 4


Whether you are a newlywed, a seasoned married couple, or anything in between, Mikado has a class for you. Our teachers share years of marriage experience, and no matter what stage of marriage you are in or what marriage struggle you might be facing, you will find love, support, and help from the leaders and members.

Leaders: Jack & Sonya Holt
Location: FLC5

Homebuilders: 35-44
Leaders: Ted & Monica Lamb
Location: EC6

TrueNorth: 50-59
Leaders: Joey & Jacqueline Ford
Location: Palmer Hall B

1Union – Young Couples
Leaders: Matt & Tina Ohrt
Location: EC5

C.O.M.P.A.S.S.: 40-49
Leaders: Scott & Sherri Clements
Location: EC4

Jehovah Jireh: 55 and up
Leaders: Ed & Dale Chambless
Location: Palmer Hall A

InHarmony: 25-34
Leaders: Tim & Shannon Craft
Location: Conference Room

IMPACT: 45-55
Leaders: Todd & Cecilia Robinson
Location: EC3

Potter’s Clay: 55 and up
Leaders: John & Linda Whitehead
Location: EC2

4Better4Worse: 30-39
Leaders: Edlee & Tanya Mixon
Location: EC7

Cross Talk: 50 and up
Leaders: Darwin & Hazel Saunders
Location: FLC2


Mikado is a place where people from all walks of life can come together and grow together in Bible study and serving others. These Life Group classes afford ladies a chance to develop strong friendships and study God’s Word together.

Merry Hearts
Leader: Julie Carter
Location: SS 4

Minnie Thornton
Leader: Hazel Brooks
Location: SS 13

Mikado Bible Class
Leader: Hortense Edge
Location: SS 14

Leader: Mary Halligan
Location: SS 12


The men of Mikado are given opportunities to fellowship and dig deep into God’s Word. These Life Group classes are designed to meet the spiritual needs of men in all walks of life.

Leader: Henry Brooks
Location: SS 9

Matthews Class
Leader: Joe Parkin
Location: SS 10