God Hates It

God Hates It

God Hates It

Proverbs 6:16-19

There are some things in life that we just hate – like getting mud on our brand new shoes, or getting up in the morning, or broccoli! What we really mean by “hate” is that something is distasteful or frustrating. We don’t really hate it – at least not in the same way God hates things. In Proverbs 6:16-19 we find a list of seven behaviors and attitudes that God literally thinks are disgusting! He will not tolerate these enemies of His holiness – they are detestable and offensive to Him. Yet some of what is listed in this portion of Scripture can find its way into the heart of even the most sincere believer.

Does God hate something you are letting fester in your life? Take a quick “Hate Test” to find out. Ask yourself:

1. Do I have a “ME” Perspective?

God hates “A proud look”. This describes having an exalted view of oneself. Do you view yourself better than your friends and family? Do you constantly wonder why people cannot measure up to you or the way you do things? Are you the hero of every story? Can you be happy when other people succeed, or are you constantly jealous? If you are honest and keep answering “yes” to these questions, God hates your proud attitude!

2. Am I Constantly Misleading in My Speech?

“A lying tongue” is not limited to outright lies. Deception is a matter of the heart! Are you purposefully vague in order to hide what really happened? Do you make fraudulent statements on applications? What about NOT speaking up and intentionally allowing others to draw the wrong conclusions? No matter how we want to justify our concealment of truth, the all-knowing Father understands when we are being misleading!

3. Am I Guilty of Murder?

This is a pretty easy one for most of us – or is it? Most, maybe all, of us have never walked up to an innocent person and taken their life. However, 1 John 3:15 clearly states, “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer!” If we harbor hatred in our hearts, God is not pleased with our behavior.

4. Do I Meditate on Perverted Things?

A “heart that devises wicked imaginations” covers any premeditated communication or action that is contrary to God’s Word. How is your thought life?

5. Am I Mischievous?

“Mischief” here is drastically different from the fun, playful mischief of a prankster. This mischief describes someone who is evil and causes distress, misery, or injury. What is your response when someone is being picked on – maybe even getting roughed up? Do you jump in and take a few verbal or physical cheap shots? Some people get excited about causing  others distress or even hurting them. Do you?

6. Do you tell Misleading Stories?

“A false witness that speaks lies” is the kind of person that would lie about how a wreck happened to defend a friend and frame an innocent person. This person would have no trouble ruining someone’s reputation to get what they want. Do you make up stories about your family? What about your friends, or pastors, or complete strangers? Would you lie for money? False witnesses sent Jesus to the Cross! May God’s children never be guilty of the same kind of behavior!

7. Do you Make Problems for Others?

“Sowing discord” means to send out strife or contention. Do you encourage people to take issue with others? Are you prone to riling others up? Do you intentionally ruffle feathers and argue because you like it? Be careful! You may be enjoying the very thing that God hates.

How did you do? Are you, like me, guilty of or at least prone to some of these attitudes and behaviors? The good news is that we can confess that struggle to God & rely on Him to help us avoid them in the future! May God bless you as you seek to please Him this week.