Simply Faithful

Simply Faithful

To live life in the superlative is the call of our culture and even the goal of many in Christianity. We strive to make more, have more and be more. Upon reading self-help success books, listening to leadership podcasts and watching others live more dazzling and flawless lives than ours, we become driven and discontent even to the point of discouragement and depression when we “fail” to meet up to someone else’s “best life.” Is this really what God wants?

Scripture is full of stories about the simple, common person. The greatest miracle of the ages comes through the womb of a young, simple, virgin girl, Mary. Everyday fishermen followed Jesus not for an entrepreneur experience nor future recognition but because they believed Him. Many others remained nameless but walked the narrow road of life eternal.

Make no mistake, there are those Biblical personalities that represent a sensational story of deliverance (Daniel) or leadership (Moses and Joseph) or valor (Joshua and Samson) but most were just everyday people. Think of all the believers in the early churches of the New Testament. Reflect on the thousands of Old Testament believers that just consistently obeyed God in their sacrifices and worship. They all had faith in God and remained faithful to God.

What is God’s goal for me? What is my calling? What is the superlative of my life? Answer –
A simple life of faithfulness to God. It may be big or small, but who is measuring?! It may be dazzling or dull, but by whose comparison?!

Will God say to me – Well done, thou good and FAITHFUL servant?