Discover Mikado

On your mark, get set, go!

Three commands are used at the start of a race so that runners know where to start, make certain of their position, and then begin their race at the the same time. Mikado is blessed to have several Senior Saints who have been faithfully running their “race” for over 40+ years; in addition, Mikado is also grateful for a younger generation who joined the journey over the past 15 years.  With almost 1,000 on the membership roll, Mikado truly is a place “where new life begins!”  But, exactly how does one become a member of this thriving ministry?

Discover Mikado is a class designed to help prospective members decide if Mikado is the church that the Lord would have them join so that they can run the race for Christ with a body of believers who are committed to finishing strong!  This prospective member class is offered 1x each month on a Wednesday evening, beginning at 6:45 pm in the Conference Room.

What’s included in this class?

  • Discover Mikado will cover Bible Doctrine (from salvation & baptism to the sacredness of marriage & the sanctity of human life)
  • The core beliefs of  B.A.P.T.I.S.T.S.
  • The 5 Circles of Commitment
  • High Expectations of Mikado’s members
  • The importance of Small Groups for all ages!

So, as you prayerfully consider running the race that is set before us as believers (Hebrews 12:1), Mikado invites you to attend the next Discover Mikado class as we seek to expand the body of Christ through the ministry of the local church!

Send us a message to sign up for the Discover Mikado Class.