Stay Faithful, He’s Coming!

Stay Faithful, He’s Coming!

For my daily devotions, I have been slowly reading through the New Testament. After a number of years, I just finished chapter 22 of Revelation! And what a fitting close to the Word of God. Three statements of our Lord Jesus stuck out to me that provide great encouragement to keep on keeping on: 1) v7 – “Behold, I come quickly”; 2) v12 –“Behold, I come quickly”.  The word “Behold” is in the imperative which means you could put an exclamation point behind the word. No doubt the statement that follows is worthy of great excitement!

The Lord Jesus Christ – as He promised – is going to rapture His church and later bodily return to the earth to set up His thousand year reign. Quickly means without delay, suddenly, and soon; 3) v20 – “Surely, I come quickly” – Surely simply means truth. We can bank  on these statements of Christ that He will return.

The last phrase of this verse is often quoted by us – “ Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” “Even so” is the same Greek word used for “Surely” – truth. Boy oh boy, don’t we want Him to come back even as I type this and you read it! Hey! He is coming back – at His total discretion – and He simply instructs us to keep on doing what we know is right, living according to His Word, and serving Him by serving others.

The very last verse of the Bible, v 21, gives us comforting words of enablement to do the above by the fact that our Lord’s grace is sufficient. We don’t deserve to live the best life possible on this earth, the Christian life, but He gives us the instruction and wherewithal to do so – pure grace!

So, brethren, be encouraged by the truth of His soon return and then we can fellowship at the pure river of water of life, clear as crystal [v1] and at the tree of life bearing 12 manner of fruits [v2]! And that is just the beginning of “all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ” – Ephesians 1:3!