The Assurance of Salvation

How can I get assurance of my salvation? How can I know if I am saved? The Bible teaches us that the security of true salvation comes from God and not of ourselves. Salvation is based upon the grace of God, which brings us to faith and confidence in Christ, not in our feelings and emotions. We must not be misguided in our thinking, believing that we have salvation if we really do not. Neither should we permit Satan to rob us of our security if we really have been converted to Jesus Christ and belong to Him.

Can you really know if you are Saved?

  1. We can have the assurance of our salvation because of what God the Father has done.
    1. God made us His children. I Peter 2:9-10. Phil.3:20. When a person repents of his sin, puts his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and gives himself to the Lord, he becomes a son of God. I can never lose this relationship!
    2. God gave us His righteousness. Romans 4:1-5 tells us how we receive Jesus Christ, Verse 3 asks the question to make us think. “For what saith the Scripture?” Discuss the word “counted”. It is a term used in accounting. A transfer is made from one account to another. John 1:12. We understand this action of receiving is to deposit our full confidence in Jesus Christ.
    3. We are His for all eternity. The true believer is safe in the hands of God. John 10:27. John 10:28-29. We are eternally safe!
  2. We can have the assurance of salvation because of what Christ Jesus has done.
    1. Our salvation was brought by Christ when He died on the cross, shedding His blood to pay for our punishment. After three days in the tomb Christ Jesus physically arose to us that He had done all that was necessary to provide for us eternal salvation.
    2. When Jesus Christ was crucified, His blood had to be shed. Heb.9:22. Time after time the Bible reminds us that Jesus Christ finished His work so that it would never have to be repeated.
  3. We can have the assurance of our salvation because of what the Holy Spirit has done.
    1. The moment that we give ourselves to Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit baptized us into God’s family. I Cor. 12:13. We have been placed into the family of God by the work of God.
    2. From the moment we gave ourselves to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit entered our life, and put upon us His seal of ownership. 2 Cor. 3:3-4/Ephesians 1:13-14.
    3. The Holy Spirit lives in every Christian from the moment that he trusts in Christ as his Savior. The Holy Spirit does not come into us little by little.

 Remember these other Bible promises:

1. 2 Timothy 1:12. God desires for us to know for sure we are saved and to whom we belong.
2. John 5:24.
3. I John 5:10-11. God wants us to know we belong to Him.
Yes, you can have assurance of salvation…..