The Greatest Scheme in History

The Greatest Scheme in History

John Perry Jr. became famous for impersonating a two-star retired admiral and even
deceiving top U.S. military personnel. In the early 80s, Perry was a master con artist
whose counterfeited documents, purchased uniform, and unequaled charisma landed him wealth, status, friends, and seats in high places. His schemes appeared to have fooled everyone.

King Jeroboam of Israel’s Northern Tribes had his own scheme. He knew that the common people were prone to idolatry, and he used this to his advantage in his scheme to retain their loyalty (1 Kings 12-13). By setting up two golden calves, Jeroboam provided a convenient local mode of worship to the average Israelite. God confronted Jeroboam by sending a prophet who warned him of the destruction that would come if Israel turned to false gods. Jeroboam didn’t listen, and an entire nation was eventually carried away into captivity.

What about you? Have you ever found yourself scheming and manipulating instead of trusting and obeying? We must realize that there is freedom in doing things God’s way. Imagine what would happen if we refocused the energy we use to worry, stress, and scheme and direct it toward trusting in God’s Word and His plan for our lives.

John Perry Jr.’s schemes eventually caught up to him as the persona he spent years
building came crashing down through FBI investigations and charges of impersonating an officer and even attempted murder. Though his plan seemed unassailable, Perry didn’t account for one thing—that the truth will always eventually come to light.

How much better it is for us to be on the side of simple truth and obedience than on the side of scheming! Let us purpose to cast aside scheming and embrace God’s simple ways for living.