The Seasons

I love the different seasons God has created. However, the seasons Georgia has to offer us tend to be a little different than those in several other locations. Take the season of pollen, or maybe the rainy season. These seasons are less desirable to me than others.
All joking aside, isn’t it wonderful to watch the world change around us as we get to enjoy the wonder of creation? One of the reasons I love the different seasons God has created is because they are constantly moving towards the next season. Each day is different, and each day holds brand new adventures for us. However, as much as I love the change in the weather and the fresh start each day, I also love consistency. In 2 Timothy 4 Paul exhorts Timothy to “be instant in season, (and) out of season.” In fact, he precedes this exhortation with a command to “preach the Word.”
As Paul nears the end of his life, he writes this letter to Timothy to give him some important reminders. Now, Paul is not actually referring to the “seasons” of winter, spring, summer and fall. Paul is saying that the Christian is called to consistency especially as we spread the gospel of Christ through our words, actions and lives as a whole. He reminds Timothy that no matter what goes on around him, he is called to be ready and willing to live out the gospel every day.
I wonder if we could say that about our own lives. During this time of quarantine, could we honestly say that we have been “instant in season, (and) out of season” in our walk with the Lord? Could we back up with our actions that God has been first place in our lives? Have we been intentional about our “ONE” as Pastor recently reminded each one of us about our theme for this year?
My prayer for each of us is that we would allow the Word of God to impact us each and every day, so that as Paul reminds us we can be ready and willing to share the good news of the gospel whenever the opportunity presents itself!