What Are Your Obstacles?

Nobody likes obstacles. They usually catch us by surprise, and it takes a considerable amount of time and energy to overcome them. Have you ever had a flat tire on the highway? Ever received an unexpected medical bill? Ever lost a job or been laid off? While it may be tempting at times to give up when we face obstacles in life, we know that there is too much at stake to let these issues defeat us.

What about in the Christian life? What are the obstacles that keep us from seeking Jesus Christ as we should? Are we too tired, too busy, or too stressed to really pursue a deeper relationship with Him?

Zacchaeus was a man in Scripture who knew about obstacles. Jesus came to Zacchaeus’ hometown of Jericho (Luke 19), and Zacchaeus wanted a glimpse of this great miracle-worker whom he had heard about. Zacchaeus, however, had some obstacles:

1. Physical – Zacchaeus was short; therefore, he could not get to Jesus.
2. Social – Zacchaeus, as a wealthy tax-collector, was hated by his countrymen.
3. Spiritual – Zacchaeus was labeled a “sinner” by the people of his own city, and he knew it to be true.

Isn’t it amazing that even though the world itself seemed to be keeping Zacchaeus away from Jesus, it could not keep Jesus away from Zacchaeus? We must remember that no obstacle or problem in life is too big for our Savior to overcome. We often make the mistake of assuming that the physical, social, or spiritual problem in our lives is ours alone to overcome. In reality, Christ is the One who overcomes all of our failures, sins, insecurities, and guilt. Zacchaeus learned a lesson that day about obstacles, and as the song goes, “Zacchaeus got saved that day, Amen!”

So, what are your obstacles today? They may seem impossible for you to overcome, but remember, Jesus can overcome them for you, and He wants to help! Trust in Him.