Personal Discipleship – Aspire

In 2022, Mikado Baptist Church will be using the Aspire Discipleship curriculum as we desire for every member to be personally discipled this year! If you are interested in going through discipleship, you can sign up by clicking the link below!

Equip Discipleship Classes – Wednesdays @ 7pm

  • Authentic Christian Living
    Teacher: Rebecca Thompson
    Description: A practical study for women of the book of James.
    Location: EC 3
  • Jonah
    Teacher: Todd Robinson
    Description: This study of the Prophet Jonah will expose the character flaws of a man God wanted to greatly use. God brings him to a place of submission and obedience so he can fulfill God’s mission for his life.
    Location: EC 5
  • Building Your Christian Character
    Teacher: Joey Ford
    Description:  We are to become like Christ and will one day “be like Him.” What is our current role in adding character traits that conform to Christlikeness?
    Location: EC 6
  • Teens Without Turmoil
    Teacher: Christian Kelley
    Description: Principled and practical help for coaching teens through their toughest years.
    Location: EC 7
  • The Life of Joseph
    Teacher: Denis McBride
    Description: A detailed study of the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis.
    Location: Palmer Hall
  • Personal Discipleship
    Utilizing the ASPIRE book, one-on-one discipleship will be held in various locations. See Joey Ford for direction.