Personal Discipleship – Aspire

In 2022, Mikado Baptist Church will be using the Aspire Discipleship curriculum as we desire for every member to be personally discipled this year! If you are interested in going through discipleship, you can sign up by clicking the link below!

Equip Discipleship Classes – Wednesdays @ 7pm

  • Aspire Discipleship (class full)
    Teacher: Pastor Rusty Smith
    Description: This course will utilize the Aspire Discipleship curriculum in a personal, small group setting.
    Location: EC 1
  • Build A Man’s Faith
    Teacher: Todd Robinson
    Description: This course is designed to help men discover how to build their faith in Christ with simple Biblical practices.
    Location: EC 3
  • Minor Prophets: The Journey Into the Sovereignty, Holiness, and Love of God
    Teacher: Darwin Saunders
    Description: This class will be an in-depth study of a nation’s unfaithfulness, and the ever-pursuing grace of God.
    Location: EC 5
  • The Choice is Yours
    Teacher: Molly Swaffer
    Description: Life happens but walking with God is a decision. The choice IS yours. This is a helpful, encouraging study for Ladies only.
    Location: EC 6
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
    Teacher: John Whitehead
    Description: Amidst modern pandemics, social tensions, and economic crises, many are asking what day is it on God’s prophetic calendar? This study from Dr. David Jeremiah’s most recent book on prophecy addresses this question.
    Location: EC 7
  • General Discipleship
    Teacher: Denis McBride
    Description: The class will be a study through the book of Genesis.
    Location: Palmer Hall